Talk About Being Tardy

I guess birthdays are no longer limited to the day itself x) Thanks Jam and Pris for coincidentally giving me my birthday cards on the same day, one month plus after my birthday ūüė° haha

– horrendous handwriting xD ((luckily for you, I could read it fairly smoothly))
– no cover page huh what is this abomination ((but to be fair, its the content that matters))

– wallet too freaking big for my hand to hold ((but its a simple design, which I really like))
– make me go donnoe what google translate and type the freaking Korean characters one by one omg what a terrible experience ((well it was quite fun too haha))

nope none of you deserve anything good to mention about ūüėõ ((haha I really appreciate it thankew so much xx))


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Mama’s Birthday

Entire paternal family celebrating my grandmother’s birthday few days ago :3


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Halloween Horror Nights 4

Other than a Night Walk in a combined Scouts and Guides activity, I have never been to an actual horror event in my life. So I guess going for HHN4 for pretty much my virgin experience.

I have watched Slender gameplay before, but I always had to watch with my hand covering half the screen to prevent jumpscares. There was this time my cousin wanted to play a horror game called ‘Ib’ and I had to play it for them because they were too scared to do it. I guess when I’m around girls, I become a little more protective and try to act less scared, but in actual fact, I really want someone to hold my hand and tell me not to be afraid as well T>T

So my cousin’s bff had discount for HHN4 ($48) so they persuaded me to go with them. Tbh, I was really excited for it too, for Angel, Rachel, their bff Teresa, and I were all otakus. And I have wanted to meet Teresa for quite some time too haha.

Some basic information first. In HHN4, there are 4 Haunted Houses, 4 Scarezones, a circus/stunt performance thing and normal daily attractions.

Anyways, blahblahblah we reached USS and it was packed with people. We entered at 7.25pm and then after a while, the opening performance started. We hurried in and went to Bogeyman first, a scarezone. The queue was fast bc it just started, and we entered. To be fair, I had prepared myself for the worst beforehand. I braced myself, thinking that the frequency of my screams will be like 100Hz. But it was quite boring HAHA i screamed once or twice bc of jumpscares but overall nth much. Among the four of us, I led the way and all of us held hands. At the end, there was this scare actor looking for his daughter with a poster and he kept chasing Rachel bc he thought that she was his long-lost daughter xD hahaha that was a good one. In case you wanted to know, ‘Bogeyman’ was just full of furniture that scare actors jump out from.

 hhn4 3

We walked and found ourselves at the Transformers 3D Ride attraction. We came to USS once and we went for the transformers one 4 times in a row… I guess it was fun, exhilarating, short queue and good plot but still we went so many times already… Before I could say anything, Angel and Teresa started running in already. SIGH the special stuff are the horror attractions not these ones‚Ķ Thankfully, queue was short and we didn’t waste too much time.

After a while, we came upon the ‘Jing’s Revenge’ haunted house. According to online reviews, it is one of the scariest? And Teresa’s friend had told her that the aliens in ‘The Lab’ haunted house were quite cute, so we ended up heading to ‘The Lab’ instead. But we had to ask for directions and walked through the Egyptian scarezone. Nothing much really, just a place to take pictures with scare actors.

We finally reached the place and entered, but found out that queue time was 60 minutes. But I guess we came all the way already, as well go for it bah. We queued and ended up queing for about 1.5 hours. The three of them mostly passed the time by reading manga, while I just stoned haha xD I was quite scared but we entered anyways. Hmm not gonna spoil anything but it was more disgusting than scary HAHA but the experience is best/most scariest, if you are in the middle of the group (10-12ppl) haha ūüėČ i literally freaked out so hard and was trying to push the ppl in front to get away from the scare actor x)

We passed by Far Far Away, and went for the Enchanted Airways roller-coaster. At first, I didn’t know it was a roller-coaster haha and entered unknowingly. To be honest, I am more scared of roller coasters than haunted houses idk why >< and i think I screamed more than all the other horror attractions added up tgtr HAHA i wanted to go for the Scary Tales scarezone but somehow we couldn’t find it.

hhn4 2

We walked and came back to the main entrance. So, we decided to go for the clown haunted house. Queuing time stated was 45minutes but we only queued for about 25min. In my opinion, it wasn’t scary at all, but more fun and interesting than ‘The Lab’. The colourful dizzy bridge was super fun. But if you have epilepsy, DONT GO FOR THIS ONE. Omg its like a freaking spazzing concert where its like some 5-yr old was mashing light switches. At times, all you could concentrate on was the person in front of you and you just had to trust and follow the person.

Then we walked through the Demoncracy scarezone, and reached the transformers place again. We bought ice-cream and there was this shop that sold like ice cream in the form of really small balls idk how it tasted but Teresa bought it haha

It was 11.15pm so we headed to the main entrance, took a picture with the Minister of Evil, and went back. For me, I could have gone back anytime lah the entire thing lasted till 1.30am anyways. But my uncle was fetching us and I didnt want him to sleep late bc of us so we went back early.

Altogether, we missed out on Mati Camp and Jing’s Revenge haunted houses, the two supossedly scarier ones. And we didnt go for Scary Tales scarezone. But overall for $48, I believe it was quite worth it. If you don’t mind standing for relatively long time and you’d like to try out haunted houses, this is a good experience. Awesome to hang out with good friends, best to create memories with boyfriend/girlfriend. Encouraged to plan route using online map of HHN4 before going, so that can make efficient use of time.

Personally, even though I feel I am quite unlucky to have possessed certain traits and have been born in such a country, at least my cousins are always there for me, namely Rachel and Angel ūüôā


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Praise the Gawd

oh my gawd, after like ten centuries, I finally have a nice dinner. So happy i could cry right now ;_; haha i went to Hans and it was so crowded. the omelette was really nice but we had to serve the food ourselves. Much service many wow. Im so gonna stuff myself with gd fd after eoy


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Living In Singapore

Life anywhere in the world will have its own positive and negative qualities. There is definitely no such thing as the best nor worst life, but there are several factors which affect the quality of life. All along, Singapore has been globally recognised for its safe and secure environment. But unbeknownst to many, living in Singapore has many other pros and cons too. In this post, I will only be focusing on the unfavourable aspects of the Singaporean life.

First and foremost, the most detrimental characteristic of Singapore – the overwhelming focus on economic development. What should the aim of any particular¬†country be? To increase GDP? No, it is to improve the standard of living of the citizens! But the government has just been building new tourist sites and revamping infrastructure, so as to attract more tourists, when they could spend those money to increase wages and lowering taxes. The government has fixed economic growth as¬†one of Singapore’s goals. Because of this, people have to focus on their job even more. It has been found that, Singaporeans have one of the highest average working hours, as compared to other developed countries.

working hours 1

Despite the long working hours, Singaporeans working in the lower-income sector of the workforce have a¬†relatively low salary. Singapore and Norway are very similar countries in terms of economy. However, a low-wage worker in Norway (Accommodation and Food service activities) earns a median income of $5,927, roughly 6 times higher than a low-wage worker in Singapore (Cleaners, Labourers And Related Workers), who would only earn $1,000. Thus, for about the same effort put into the job, people in Norway earn more money than people in Singapore. Furthermore, Singapore’s economic growth has caused costs of living to rise. Tremendously. These extreme costs of living make it increasingly difficult for low-income people to cope with their daily lives. In Singapore, to own a car, a Certificate of Entitlement (COE)¬†is required. This can cost up to SGD$60,000 (US$50,000), which is much more expensive than many other countries. Also, buying a flat is one of the biggest financial burdens for many Singaporeans. With such high living costs, how can Singaporeans not work long hours?

Every year, Singapore also introduces more immigrants into the society. In 2010, the Singapore Statistics Bureau announced that one in every three people living in Singapore is a foreigner. Singapore already has one of the highest population density in the world. However, even when overcrowding and traffic congestion poses a huge problem to society, the government is still relentless in the influx of immigrants. The government claims that, this is absolutely necessary due to the ageing population of Singapore, and thus, the need to bring in migrants for a vibrant workforce. However, if we can all agree that economic development is not crucial for Singapore, then we would be able to tune down immigration rates, which would then fix all these problems.

Like I have mentioned, Singapore has an ageing population. With a greater dependency on economically active workers, this would result in a greater financial burden on them. Not only do they have to struggle with the rising costs of living, but they would have to take care of a greater number of  people. In order to ensure adequate social and medical facilities for the elderly, taxes would have to be increased as well.

As Singapore is a meritocratic society, this ensures that everyone is judged based on ability and talent, instead of wealth or status. However, how does Singapore measure ability and talent? By grades and results. Thus, this has transformed Singapore into a very results-oriented society.¬†In terms of education, diplomas and academic achievements are favoured by employers. In terms of sports, Singapore rewards Olympic gold-medallists SGD$1 million, instead of funding¬†the¬†training process for athletes. In terms of arts… Well, let’s be honest. Singapore has significantly lesser importance placed on the arts, as compared to sciences. A very asinine mindset of Singapore, is that for the same area of land, a science-related infrastructure will generate a greater income than an arts-related facility. Again, if we were to lower the focus placed on economic growth, talent in the arts can be more appreciated and recognised in Singapore.

Last but not least, Singapore is a nanny-state. We may have the least corrupt government in the world, but our government literally controls everything. Loose control is acceptable, but excessive control restricts freedom. One major aspect of control in Singapore is media¬†censorship. In Singapore, the Media Development Authority censors media that is considered ‘inappropriate’, based on their subjective judgement. (Please refer to this post of mine to learn more about MDA and the media censorship in Singapore.) Censorship is justifiable, but excessive censorship is not acceptable.

These few points are but just a few of Singapore’s negative aspects. And this post is entirely my own opinion. I am but just a student, and I have yet to experience the extremities of living in Singapore, so I might not have the right to¬†list out these characteristics.

In a nutshell, as much as Singapore is a terrible place to live in, due to all the factors I have mentioned above, the fact that it is one of the most safest and secure place to live in, negates all the negative aspects of living in Singapore. Overall, I am grateful to have been born in Singapore, but I feel that these negative qualities of the Singaporean life can be mended. The root cause of most of the problems pertaining to Singapore is the over-emphasis on economic development. Thus, if the importance on economic growth was to be played down, Singapore can be a much more better place. Of course, this is just in theory and there might be new negative qualities that appear after that. So, all we can do is to hope that the government does what is right, and what is truly beneficial for all Singaporeans.

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