About Me

Heyy I am Leslie from 4E and I’m in Scouts and Lion Dance. I am also in Science Mentorship Programme (SMP), belonging to a group with two other poopheads – Min Low and Natalie Toh. I am the Physics representative of my class too. I am very busy most of the time and I rant a lot haha, mostly giving my opinions on social issues and random stuff. I watch a lot of anime and I play League of Legends sometimes too, favourite champion being Lux, Anivia and Kog’Maw :3 I watch quite a handful of youtubers too, mostly related to Mindcraft and LoL. My best friend is Jamie haha and I am super duper happy I have so many close friends around me 🙂

My hope is to provide individual empowerment, to make people feel good about themselves. I think that, living in such a fast-paced world, we tend to forget about ourselves. Also, many people look down on themselves and I think that this will strain our necks, so we should look up instead and admire the wonderful sky ❤

Everyone is subjected to their own opinions, and these are mine, so I really hope viewers can comment and raise their own views.

Anime Blog: http://zyrogatefaine.wordpress.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lehzalee
Instagram: http://instagram.com/lehzalee Instagram
DHSMail: lim.zeyong@dhs.sg

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13 Responses to About Me

  1. miharusshi says:

    Never knew you had another blog~

    • lehzalee says:

      Hahaha well it’s my personal blog, and has nth to do with anime haha xD the things I post here are mostly personal stuff and concerns regarding society 🙂

      • miharusshi says:

        I also have a personal blog, but I rarely post anything in it these days. Whew.

      • lehzalee says:

        Hahaha idk personally its quite hard to juggle 2 blogs and it would be wiser to just focus on one, so im choosing to spend more time on my anime blog haha xD

      • miharusshi says:

        Yes, exactly. XD Although I first opened a personal blog (it was originally hosted by Blogger), through time I found myself maintaining my anime blog more than my personal blog.

      • lehzalee says:

        hahahah yep because anime=life X) our life revolves around anime haha

      • miharusshi says:

        I’d actually attempted to detach myself from anime in 2010, but I was having withdrawal symptoms I couldn’t bear to be separated from this wonderful hobby. I couldn’t imagine my life without anime.

        At least we’re not on drugs. But, hey, isn’t addiction to anime similar to addiction to drugs? O_o

      • lehzalee says:

        ((somehow my comment got cut off, this is the original one)) IKR my life would just be incomplete without anime and I wouldn’t be me anymore T>T and yep anime is really addictive, in a good way xD haha but because of this, it kills me every week, having to wait for the next episode of any anime

      • miharusshi says:

        Oh, about that waiting time, though, you can start watching the finished airing series. 😀 There’s tones of great ones out there~

      • lehzalee says:

        Like nisekoi? 😉 hahaha yep will start watching some of them when holidays start! Im really excited :3

      • miharusshi says:

        Yep, and some other series from pre-2010 era like Code Geass, CLANNAD, and Natsume Yuujinchou. Some of my favorites.

      • lehzalee says:

        ooh okay, will keep those anime in mind 🙂

      • miharusshi says:

        I hope you enjoy watching them! Ooh, please do take note of Code Geass, as it’s one of those anime that tackle wars, peace, independence, and humanity. It will keep you on the edge of your seat!

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