Alex From Target

“OMG HE’S SO HAWTT!!” and statements along that line, were what many teenage girls screamed throughout the past week.


If you don’t know about this incident, basically, there was an employee at Target, named Alex, 16 years old. Due to his attractive physical appearance, many photos have been taken of him. But one day, a teenage girl, part of 5SOS huge fanbase, shared a picture of him and all hell broke loose.

This guy, who originally had only 100+ followers, has 720k followers now and counting. Furthermore, he has been invited to The Ellen Show, and many other famous TV interview shows.


Of course, there are many critics on how he did nothing and rose to fame so easily without any effort. But take note people, it’s not his fault for possessing the attraction gene. Instead, I believe that it is the teenage community at fault. They are to blame because they were the ones who created the hype and made this guy famous. Without them, none of this would have happened.

Tada~ So if companies don’t begin to target teenage girls, I don’t know whether they are dumb or dumb haha their impact on the world is literally mind-blowing

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