YEP 2014

First time going for a party and it was really amazing! So, a little confession: I went home to change and then accidentally fell asleep, waking up at 5.45pm and rushed to school xD Reached at 7pm and by then, most of the performances finished already, so it was quite a pity that I didn’t get to support anyone whom I knew. The games were fun and I think Lawrence and Xiao Xuan are like the perfect emcees for this event haha. Music started and the clubbing began, it was quite tiring tbh jumping non-stop but could feel adrenaline flowing. It was nice when you knew the song and you sang your hearts out along with the lyrics haha. YEP ended off on a bittersweet note. No pictures haha cause it was already dark by the time I reached.

Thank you to all the YEP Committee members! And thank you to all the teachers and staff who had a part in planning and setting up the event. Thank you everyone who went as well, for contributing to the atmosphere 🙂

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