Talk About Being Tardy

I guess birthdays are no longer limited to the day itself x) Thanks Jam and Pris for coincidentally giving me my birthday cards on the same day, one month plus after my birthday 😡 haha

– horrendous handwriting xD ((luckily for you, I could read it fairly smoothly))
– no cover page huh what is this abomination ((but to be fair, its the content that matters))

– wallet too freaking big for my hand to hold ((but its a simple design, which I really like))
– make me go donnoe what google translate and type the freaking Korean characters one by one omg what a terrible experience ((well it was quite fun too haha))

nope none of you deserve anything good to mention about 😛 ((haha I really appreciate it thankew so much xx))


About lehzalee

finding happiness in the smaller steps I take
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