What is EOY

My productivity is literally non-existent. SO TO THOSE FELLOW COMRADES WHO SLACKED, HI 5

To be fair, I did reread RnJ and did like 5 math questions, but I kind of wasted the past two days away.

BUT ITS BEEN LIKE THE FUNNIEST TWO DAYS EVER XD been smiling and laughing so much my jaw aches

Got a set of headphones bc i wanna look cool 😉 haha jk i lost one of my earphones and it is really inconvenient for me to have only one lol bc i literally live everywhere


((IGNORE THE BACKGROUND IM TOO LAZY TO GET OFF MY BED >T i cry. I plan to buy like everything in the convention. HAHAHA JK but omg i really wanna buy so many doujinshi x3


And yep i literally live for the ((as ms ng would say)) “ball ball” hahaha


Oh and last thing, its so annoying when ppl like dont eat bc they want to lose weight/ dont want to get fat. EXCUSE ME DO YOU THINK YOU’RE THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD THAT DOESNT WANT TO GET FAT?

Okay hold your horses before you stuff a CME book down my oesophagus. THERE’s nothing wrong with being fat. Its just that being not fat and not thin is, to many people, more physically attractive. AND being fat might entail health issues. Its perfectly fine if one is fat but it may show that one does not have good self-control? Because after all, eating too much, is bad for your health too, even if you love food a lot. But if genetics, then… Well it’s genetics.

Back to what i was saying, during a set dinner, or lets say a family meal, people are always like “leslie eat more. you’re growing blah blah blah” what a fake reason, just admit that you dont want to eat so much in order not to grow out of shape. And as i have said, im not a rubbish bin, i dont want to grow out of shape as well. SO BECAUSE OF YOUR SELFISHNESS, other people will have to be affected ((bc i dont like to waste food that I enjoy eating, if the food taste bad then maybe i’ll give it up)) but my point is that many people think about themselves and dont care about others. The food that you dont eat in a shared meal, will go into oth ppl stomach. I mean like, i myself always eat finish ‘what i should eat’, like my proportion of the meal. Then you’re supposed to eat your own proportion but you force it down my throat. Idk i just find it annoying 😦

If you want to not become out of shape, its not about eating less food, but using up the calories you have gained. You dont rly need to exercise, just stand up for the rest of the day or just walk arnd the house. Haha i literally walk like 10 times to and fro while using my phone, after a heavy dinner. Its just natural i guess.

Sigh life’s so relaxing but not relaxing at the same time. Idk but im glad i didnt take bio. Rly want to do well for e-lit though so im gonna go hardcore tmr. Been reading so much doujinshi its so addictive x3

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