Crossing The Line

Dear MDA and relevant authorities,

First, you control what we see, by banning Singapore’s film by Tan Pin Pin, “To Singapore, With Love”, because it features Singaporean political exiles.

Then, you control what we hear, by not allowing a Taiwanese pop singer, A-mei, to perform her song, Rainbow, which, according to your subjective judgement, contains homosexual connotations, when ALL it means is unconditional love.

Now, you control what we eat, by restricting advertisments on ‘unhealthy’ food, based on your own objective criteria, to children under 12 years of age.

Okay, give me a moment while I go and get my birth certificate. Hmm… Nope, I can’t find Mr. MDA under ‘Parents’. That is so weird! Because, if you are not my parent, then WHY ARE YOU ACTING LIKE ONE? I really, really, really, admire you for striving SO hard to be the parent of all the estimated 6 million Singaporeans.

Firstly, let me ask you a question. Do you think we’re dumb? OH I WATCH A FILM ABOUT EXILE HAHAHAHA NOW IM GOING TO KILL EVERYONE. Yep, that’s SO gonna happen. OH I HEARD A SONG ABOUT LOVE HAHAHAHAHA NOW I AM A HOMOSEXUAL. Much wow. OH I SEE BURGER HAHAHA I EAT BURGER NOW. ((Have you seen how many teenagers are so thin from the FREAKING amounts of homework you give HUH? This is your fault, MOE))

Now, let me ask you another question. Do you see this line? ——————–


My point is that you have crossed the line. Period. And I suggest you stop and go back to a point where you have not crossed the line.

Yes, I understand that censorship could be the reason why we are one of the most safest countries in the world. But all I am saying, is to not go overboard. Sure, some things need to be censored. But some of them also do not! Your reasoning is sometimes SO far-fetched, it actually summons the Pokemon itself. I don’t mind censorship, but stop censoring everything till a point where we feel absolutely constricted, okay? Loosen your grip on us a little, please?

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