Correct and Wrong


Basically, in Indonesia, a teacher marked a student wrong because he used the wrong method to answer a question, even though the final answer was correct. It was a homework on multiplication, and instead of 6X4=24, the student did 4+4+4+4+4+4=24. This incurred a huge debate, and also revealed about the rigidness of the education system.

Quoted from the article,

Our schools praise academic achievements more than creativity, despite the fact that 1,500 of the world’s top CEOs who participated in a 2010 IBM survey believed that creativity is the number one factor to being successful in today’s world. Google’s senior vice president, Laszlo Bock, was quoted as saying, “GPAs are worthless as a criteria for hiring and test scores are worthless. We found that they don’t predict anything.”

In summary, many education systems around the world do not reflect what many societies think. Creativity may be the number one factor to success, but apparently, education systems are trying to stifle creativity instead. So, are education systems truly ‘educating’ us?

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