It doesn’t matter if there’s a plus sign or not on your A.

It doesn’t matter if your grade has 2 sharp egdes or 3.

It doesn’t matter if all your subjects are below the x-axis.


Because no matter what, an ‘A’ and a ‘D’ are still just a GR-AD-E.

Because no matter what, an A, B, C or D does not determine whether one is a brainchild or a blockhead.

Because no matter what, that plus sign means nothing but just 2 perpendicular intersecting short black lines.



“Our society is based on meritocracy. Our grades reflect our capability, which will in turn, affect our future.”

Well, if you think that way, I am sorry but I would have to disagree to that opinion.

Firstly, who is our society made up of? Not Americans, not tribal hunters and gatherers, but Singaporeans. Us. We are the people that form our society; the tissues that form the human body. Thus, the mindset of our society is developed by our own thoughts. So, who do we have to blame for our meritocratic society?

But true enough, it is a titanic task to change this idealogy. Why do we have to change? Although meritocracy ensures equal opportunities for all, do you really think we have achieved that? Furthermore, this has placed a significant importance on academic achievements. Many people have come to think that the level of one’s academic success is the greatest factor of comparison amongst everyone.


But wait, have we forgot about something? What about our character? What about our moral values? What about our feelings and emotions, the things that make us humane; the things that make us who we are?

Have we become a society that solely defines ourselves by our level of academic success?

In my opinion, instead of lamenting how you have to comply to the idealogy of the society in order to achieve success, why not we change the mindset of people; change the definition of success; change the society?

A leopard cannot change its spots, because its spots are the defining biological characteristics of a leopard. But meritocracy is a mindset, not a permanent scar. It can be changed definitely and it all depends on you.

Academics could still remain as a crucial portion of life. But more importantly, the importance placed on academics could be refocused on one’s moral values and character, which I feel, is the best factor of comparison between anyone and everyone.

After all, grades are limited to just alphabets and numbers, but moral values are boundless. Without any limits, moral values can grow towards infinity, while academics will forever be bounded by the area of an alphabet and a number.

We can be birds soaring through the vast sky, or be confined for eternity, by those tiny letters on those microscopic pieces of paper.

I hope everyone can fly away into the horizon as we look down on those insignificant and meaningless symbols, and journey onwards to the sun of true success.


Scoring High In Grades But Not In Values: http://news.asiaone.com/News/Education/Story/A1Story20100405-208438.html


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