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Direction of Blog

I have no idea what I want to do with my blog now. I’ve realised the past few weeks that my posts are getting really insignificant. Plus the fact that EOYs are around the corner, I might be blogging less bah. After I started my anime blog, it outshined my personal blog so much that I am much more interested to focus on anime haha xD I’ll rethink about what to do about my blog after EOYs bah


Academic Progress

My grades are relatively good. Erm, I guess I’ve started quite a lot of revision on Maths but it’s so stupid considering that Math is my better subject and I’ve got other subjects that I really need to focus more on. There’s like so much homework for Chinese and Geog… I WANNA DIEEE. Geog is acceptable but Chinese is like a reoccurring headache. I know I just have to survive for 2 more months but T>T this is really torturous




THE BLOOD OF OLYMPUS [percy Jackson] 7th October freaking EOY period

THE MAZE RUNNER (movie now in cinemas GO WATCH ITS EPIC IMO)

a lot of other books that I don’t bother reading because anime has taken over my interest in books im so sorry I apologise to my parents, my teachers and society for I have become corrupted and have fell to depths of Hell and can never return to Heaven, I am a fallen angel, no I don’t like angels, how about I am a fallen red panda, that sounds nice. I hope. I DONT CARE IT SOUNDS NICE IF YOU DONT LIKE IT, GO KNOCK YOUR HEAD ON THE WALL OR SMTH AND BE GUILTY



If I were to plot my emotion levels on a graph, it would look smth like this:

birthday chart

Q1: Explain the anomaly. [3 marks]
Ans: Its not that I feel happy that my birthday is over haha. And no worries, it’s not because of a crush. It’s more like a clarification of a misunderstanding on my part.

Q2: Explain the emotion levels from 6am to 6pm (90-270 degrees). [4 marks]
Ans: It’s not that I felt extremely sad. But more like, it was a different form of happiness. The parts above the x-axis are because I feel warm inside from the birthday wishes. The parts below the x-axis are because I was watching movie/anime and like entertainment lah.

Q3: Explain the fluctuations of your emotions (why dy/dx changes so much). [7 marks]

Yay, so based on my answers, I got full marks for this test! IM SO SMART :333 this is evidence that I should be transferred to the 6th floor lor XD HAHA mdm loh, why am I still stuck at 5th floor when my intelligence belongs to the floor above T>T haha just jk

Anyways, I also realised that if you don’t wish people happy birthday when its their bd, then why are you expecting them to wish you happy birthday? then I realised it goes the other way as well. if they don’t wish you happy bd, why should you wish them happy bd? so in a nutshell, everyone should wish everyone happy birthday! but wait, then this may dilute the specialness of each birthday wishes… WHAT DO I DO, SOMEONE HELP

Haha overall, I really enjoyed my birthday :3 my baka cousin DID NOT FINISH HER DRAWING FOR ME >:( welp I really hope she completes it tmr or someday idk I REALLY WANNA SEE IT, SHE SAYS ITS HINATA AND KAGEYAMA <3 and try not to go to restaurants for your BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER because that’s what I did and my wallet’s as hollow as my brain is.


((lol the mood swings are strong in this one)) SHUT UP ME

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Tumblr Funnies

ALL CREDITS GO TO http://somehownatural.tumblr.com/tumblr-compilations














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X Factor UK 2014 (Auditions)

Really excited for this year’s X Factor! As much as I think that last year’s contestants had better looks HAHA, but I feel that the contestants this year are quite talented too. There are pockets of wonderful auditions, some of them I have listed below. The rest I would categorise them into two types: funny in a good way, and hilarious in a bad way. I don’t know, but I feel that it is very obvious if you have a passion for singing or not? It is very easy to tell if you have a motivation to sing.

Again, these are just some of the auditions I feel were nice, not all.

Amy Connelly

Only The Young

The Brooks

Monica Michael

Reece Bibby

Lola Saunders

Jack Walton

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Teachers’ Day Celebrations 2014

Thank you to all the teachers and students who planned this event! It was really enjoyable overall.

However, one component that I disliked was the ‘Shadows’ game because it was really boring for the audience.

And I am very sorry and I mean no offence but the guy emcee was very unenthusiastic. It was a horrible decision to appoint him as an emcee alongside the girl whose voice had very good intonation. This is just my opinion, but I guess a lot of my classmates agreed with me as well.

I guess it was really exciting to support your classmate haha. I could tell that 9RIDE, especially Nicole Fu, had a lot of practice despite the hectic mugging period.

The Centrestage Winners Duet was quite a good idea and both of them sang so well! I just didn’t understand how the song ‘Say Something’ was relevant to Teachers’ Day… Don’t get me wrong, I love that song but no link haha.

I think the 4C13’s performance was one of the best throughout the entire event. The video was sweet, their playing was lovely and miss fang going up to receive her deadly weapon – a kiap kiap – was just awww~

One thing that I didn’t want to complain about is that, it is really annoying when people comment long sentences in the middle of a performance or when someone is giving an interesting speech. If like one word or a few, I won’t mind. But you disrupt the entire thing, then I wasn’t able to hear what I just missed :(

Potluck was boring HAHA erm the grapes were a good idea though. Omg and Gwyneth baked for everyone cupcakes and a oreo cake for like term2-3 birthday babies to feast on! SO GOOD i wanted to eat but i don’t know if I was elligible or not :/

Jansen started some silly funny game haha and everyone looked so childish but I couldnt help laughing the entire time. Oh and important tip: stealing glances at someone is very easy but try not to get caught by the person.


Sigh no one wanted to write for Mr Jeremy Lim… Not that I wanted to HAHA but I mean, I am the Physics rep so no choice I guess. Personally, I think the card quite nice haha but maybe a bit too glittery and colourful. I got the stickers from The Paper Stone btw and a lot of people liked them :3

Somehow felt like shopping at bedok mall. So I did. Bought a shirt, and some anime stuff which I REALLY LIKED :) met Ming En and friends haha i literally see them everywhere.

Then, if you did not know, every year Teachers’ Day, there will be a dinner at night for all staff. And there would always be a best dressed subject department competition ;) All photos were not taken by me :)










Once again, thank you so much to the organising committee and anyone else who had a part in planning this event. Also, thank you to all the performers for practicing so hard and for putting on a wonderful show. Finally, thank you to my class comm and reps for taking the initiative to do the respective cards for each subject teacher. Well, except huaizhe but its not his fault bc tanbeekee teaches both history and ace. BUT STILL #MostUselessAceRep2014 :P just joking xP

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Pleasant Annoyance

Shyt at first, I didnt want to touch my blogs at all because I have freaking so much responsibilities piling up on my back but fudge it I have so much to say and I need to let it go~

SO TODAY WAS MY E-LIT R&J ROLEPLAY haha okay i really dislike bragging but i just want to say I was really happy that ms vaz and a lot of ppl enjoyed my acting :3 i think our group, consisting of me min nicolefoo regina and tiffany, practiced A LOT like we rehearsed about 15-20 times with actions and stuff. So i think it was abit insensitive to have said that I carried the group lah. My group got 36/40 lah but i felt that everyone’s acting were damn awesome :) regina was good at falling down and like the tone for “i swear it shall be romeo” was very sharp and the interrupt me before i say “speak not” and the grabbing of my elbow, basically she complemented my entire acting and if it wasnt her who was Juliet, my acting would have not been as good? Nicole foo was really precise when she said the part “God in heaven you are to blame to rate her so”. It made me want to talk back to her, u get what i mean? She was also not as awkward as before when comforting tiffany (2nd juliet). I have to admit that min low’s speeches were very monotonous, but IT IS EXACTLY WHAT LADY CAPULET’S VOICE would sound like – boring, no emotion bc she doesnt care abt juliet. Tiffany could not be heard very clearly at some parts when talking to nurse kneeling down, but the last part “ANCIENT DAMNATION OH MOST WICKED FIEND” YOU GO GIRL hahaha so yeah my grp members were awesome. And the thing is I HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH THEM, we went to min low’s house two times hahaha it was so posh sia and surrounded by plain HDB flats, should have taken photo sia damn nice place to live in, but has like the poorest security in singapore HAHA we just entered like no one’s business. I should also have taken a selfie *hairflips* cause like i hardly get to wear that shirt. The only time i wore it was bc i bought it for my cousin’s wed. Erm i think that for my acting, it wasnt like a tryhard thing but more of a ‘total engrossed into play’ thing. As in i feel that you can put in a lot of effort into shouting, but its better if you put yourself in the shoes of capulet and imagine the anger he would feel when juliet doesnt obey him. Tbh it all just came natural to me. Its like, when the scene starts and i start off my siloliquy (i cant rmb how to spell SORRY), i will just go on a rampage. I think thats a result of complete empathy for your role and many practices. OH YA haha just quoting from huiyan: “morale of the story: always do roleplays with leslie” HAHAHAHA I ALMOST DIED LAUGHING erm i guess i am flattered but haha i would want to join with my awesome grp instead :) Anyways, thanks gwyneth, huaizhe, amanda and christie for directly praising me :) and ofc thanks my awesome grpmates. I know this is just a small minor activity so its abit dramatic of me to be so erm dramatic haha but to me, i hardly ever get to do roleplays and i freaking love roleplays okay so yeah OMG and then ms vaz was also saying how i should join EDS and like im a waste in scouts hahahaha BUT okay im really sorry no offence its just that i have so many CCAs to choose from? I could continue scouts as ventures, i could join science soc bc they jiu-ed me, i could join eds bc i have a passion and abit talent for acting, i could join community involvement club (i forgot the name of the cca hahaha) bc i love to volunteer and i want to go like other countries and help ppl. Omg so like other than my wish of going to iceland with the other person of my life, but i also wish to like just go to a LDC and like help build stuff and teach ppl with that other person also <3 have not found the one but idk its what i feel as romantic hahaha can someone drive a car and run me over rn i feel so embarrased. Okay i am going off like so many tangents sia wtheck am i doing shyt i have so much stuff to type still and so much to do tmr.

I ALMOST FORGOT. Erm ms vaz also gave us a motivational speech on how grades do not define us, bc she had nth to do in the last 10 mins HAHA her quotes are:

Hard work never killed anyone.

It is not about how you start, but how you finish.

IM SO GONNA USE THESE FOR LA EOY ESSAY HAHAHA “MISS VAZ, an english literature teacher in dunman high school, ONCE SAID THAT…”

Okay next thing, mrs dayna chia, awesome teacher to the max. She may not have taught me be4 but idk she feels so engaging and funny. She wasnt going for a motivational speech but rather, a more empathetic speech, to connect to us and like give us some solutions if we are indeed feeling vulnerable. I really enjoyed her speech but i felt that it didnt leave me with anything other than what does being vulnerable means in our context. Im sorry mrs chia, but maybe it was just too rush or maybe it was just me. Basically, im here like “okay the speech is over, now what” i want to take note of this when i do motivational blogposts? Bc i dont want that to happen haha.

Okay another major thing that happened today. Ms eileen lim. So i know yr4 cca standdown so shouldnt have cca but basically, i have some badge tests to clear so yeah. Then we were having a short break when i accidentally turned round the corner and ms lim was there hahaha. At first i didnt realise abt cca standdown but SOMEHOW MY INSTINCTS TOLD ME TO TURN BACK. And i did and ms lim was like “come back here!” SHYT S-O-S SOMEONE HELP. Then she also caught kahwhye who supposedly was trying to run away haha idk. But basically she scolded us (me specifically) abt yr4 cca standdown and i was quite guilty so i just looked at my shoes the entire time. Then like somehow the conversation took off on a tangent and we ended up talkin abt ‘欠’-ing badge tests. Basically we got our badges 2 weeks ago even though we have not completed the necessary components but we still have to complete lah. Then kahwhye and camillus were defending ourselves by saying like how “this is not our proposition, weixuan told us this, weixuan told us that” okayy… Erm its not that i am happy to take the blame entirely for myself? But its just that i HATE, and i rarely HATE stuff, i usually dislike only. I HATE LYING, I HATE BENDING TRUTH, IN ORDER TO DEFEND YOURSELF. Okay, its not WRONG at all, and it could partially be the other party’s fault. But still, you’re like pushing the blame to them! Okay yeah its true that weixuan can handle it and stuff, but still like we’re indeed in some form of wrong and you’re trying so hard to not get into trouble? Im sorry i understand that kahwhye and camillus was protecting all of us, but i just cant stand that form of action lah. Im sorry. Its my nature to just apologise, take the blame and get over with it, rather than push blame here and there and make matters complicated. It may be a better option but im not cut out for doing that im sorry if i offended anyone i mean no offence at all just a difference in opinions

AnyHOW, as mrs chia would say, we did drills 2. Contingent consisted of me jinyang kunhao wenyang maxim martin. Jinkang last minute say dowan argh annoying. So because of the ms lim incident, we were forced to finish quick in case other teachers saw us. So yeah, but kahwhye didnt close that big of an eye. He was still quite strict and we did a lot of times lah. I think that the ‘hentak-kaki, cepat-hentak’ was the most tiring one for me haha marching on the spot is freaking tough! Then marching, the turning part, we redo so many times but in the end, we got it, just need to practice abit more. Overall, my performance was decent but my stationary drills was abit bad because i was quite pressurised and like messed up twice for ke-kiri/kanan busheng haha

Went home with kahwhye and jinyang. Le wild james popped up at macs. Talked a lot of stuff but im sorry i didnt enjoy the conversation at all. First of all, i prefer talking to girls and im awkward with most guys. Secondly, i cant stand sexual + sick jokes by guys but i dont mind saying it rarely to girls. THE ENTIRE CONVO WAS EITHER ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS, PICKING UP GIRLS, OR SICK JOKES. Sorry just no.

And then, le wild rueyde appeared. Then i couldnt stand it already so i suggested to go home now hahaha. I had like so much stuff to do and here i am listening to ‘EM waves’, censored words, and bleh idk

Left at paya lebar with rueyde and friend. For some reason, rueyde ask me what pri sch i from, then i said st. stephens and apparently his friend also from SS. Cause he saw my shoebag which is a de la salle bag given to only like christian sch IM NOT A CHRISTIAN OKAY OR A CATHOLIC OR A JEW OR MUSLIM OR BUDDHIST OR TAOIST. I HAVE NO RELIGION IM SORRY BECAUSE I 3ELIEVE IN MYSELF ooooh see what i did there xD So we talked quite a bit and then i learnt a lot abt tiger’s status update haha. Apparently, shijie has been coming for more jihes but he’s always late HAHA THEN ERIC WAS ACTUALLY GOING FOR A FAMILY MOVIE OUTING BUT HE CHANGED HIS MIND LAST MINUTE AND WENT FOR A SCHOOL CAMPFIRE THING IDK. Im so touched >< but anyways rueyde's doing a goodjob lah and im really happy that rueyde is damn GL so tiger will always be a patrol full of laughter and fun :) what i learnt from being tiger's PL is that they just want to have fun, especially ming en and xian lu. Eric and shijie wants to be more involved, shaun wants a reason to why he's doing this and if there is a logical reason HE WILL DO IT TO HIS BEST EFFORT, kenneth maybe a bit left out lah. Overall tiger's awesome :)

Finally home, sigh got so much stuff to do. Erm tmr's a special day and i know i suck a lot but i hope that video is enough? I understand that i should do a card but tbh the video is exactly wat i want to say. Other than that, i want to say im sorry that i always no time talk to you, never 约你出去 and stuff. I wont doubt our friendship but if i go up to SH, i'll be even busier so i would have to try harder i guess. Happy birthday btw haha :) and im sorry for the shitty drawing, just wanna show that you are the only real life person i would draw :) la la la~ wow long post is freaking long haha

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4E Class Photos

We had like around 12 photos haha and most were very nice, especially the ms goh selfie one omg, it was mr tan taking a photo of us taking a photo of ourselves. Idk but the zxy photo lighting + background were all very nice haha


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The Feeling Of Complete Joy

Didn’t take much photos but at least, they are all saved as beautiful memories. Most probably the day in my entire life which I have laughed the most and enjoyed myself the most, and being surrounded by so many awesome friends; around friends that I can truly be myself, instead of being awkward and uncomfortable. The entire day had been out of this world and any words or photos cannot describe <3

sci centre 1
sci centre 2
sci centre 3
sci centre 4

mid autumn 1
mid autumn 2
mid autumn 3

Tove Lo – Not On Drugs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-Qkx9TAM10
Bad Lip Reading – Russian Unicorn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjaZNYSt7o0
Bad Lip Reading – Gang Fight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GaKaGwch0U&list=UU67f2Qf7FYhtoUIF4Sf29cA
Bad Lip Reading – Kicked Your Monkey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcQfiYUXrtI&list=UU67f2Qf7FYhtoUIF4Sf29cA

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It doesn’t matter if there’s a plus sign or not on your A.

It doesn’t matter if your grade has 2 sharp egdes or 3.

It doesn’t matter if all your subjects are below the x-axis.


Because no matter what, an ‘A’ and a ‘D’ are still just a GR-A-D-E.

Because no matter what, an A, B, C or D does not determine whether one is a brainchild or a blockhead.

Because no matter what, that plus sign means nothing but just 2 perpendicular intersecting short black lines.



“Our society is based on meritocracy. Our grades reflect our capability, which will in turn, affect our future.”

Well, if you think that way, I am sorry but I would have to disagree to that opinion.

Firstly, who is our society made up of? Not Americans, not tribal hunters and gatherers, but Singaporeans. Us. We are the people that form our society; the tissues that form the human body. Thus, the mindset of our society is developed by our own thoughts. So, who do we have to blame for our meritocratic society?

But true enough, it is a titanic task to change this idealogy. Why do we have to change? Although meritocracy ensures equal opportunities for all, do you really think we have achieved that? Furthermore, this has placed a significant importance on academic achievements. Many people have come to think that the level of one’s academic success is the greatest factor of comparison amongst everyone.


But wait, have we forgot about something? What about our character? What about our moral values? What about our feelings and emotions, the things that make us humane; the things that make us who we are?

Have we become a society that solely defines ourselves by our level of academic success?

In my opinion, instead of lamenting how you have to comply to the idealogy of the society in order to achieve success, why not we change the mindset of people; change the definition of success; change the society?

A leopard cannot change its spots, because its spots are the defining biological characteristics of a leopard. But meritocracy is a mindset, not a permanent scar. It can be changed definitely and it all depends on you.

Academics could still remain as a crucial portion of life. But more importantly, the importance placed on academics could be refocused on one’s moral values and character, which I feel, is the best factor of comparison between anyone and everyone.

After all, grades are limited to just alphabets and numbers, but moral values are boundless. Without any limits, moral values can grow towards infinity, while academics will forever be bounded by the area of an alphabet and a number.

We can be birds soaring through the vast sky, or be confined for eternity, by those tiny letters on those microscopic pieces of paper.

I hope everyone can fly away into the horizon as we look down on those insignificant and meaningless symbols, and journey onwards to the sun of true success.


Scoring High In Grades But Not In Values: http://news.asiaone.com/News/Education/Story/A1Story20100405-208438.html

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I have officially accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and have done it :3

Basically, it is to promote awareness on the disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and encourage donations to research on treatments. The challenge dares nominated participants to be filmed having a bucket of ice water poured on their heads and challenging others to do the same. A common stipulation is that nominated people have 24 hours to comply or forfeit by way of a charitable financial donation. This challenge has gone viral across social networking sites. New York Times reported that the ALS Association had received $41.8 million in donations from July 29 until August 21.

It is very heartening to see people donating for a worthy cause and it is also a very innovative and simple method to motivate people to donate. Overall, I really enjoyed myself. In my opinion, if you want to do it, first get ready all the materials and equipment you need. Then before you do it, maybe just tap some ice water on yourself first to adapt a little. After that, close your eyes and you may let the water fall upon your skin. It may look silly, but at least, it’s a fun trend, similar to Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake. It may be a little dangerous, but just take care and you’ll be fine :)


Before                                                                           After
als 1                               als 2

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I know I post a lot of my opinions and my take on things, but sometimes, it gets a little lonely, all these empty posts, watching the words go by~ do you want to post some comments~ just a tiny little comment~ okay byee :)

I really would love what other people think and their opinions. And obviously, feel free to oppose my stand or agree to it! Share your personal experiences too! Thank you :)


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